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Assemblee Management

Assemblee Management represents renowned speakers both at home and abroad. Among other services, we handle all incoming requests, commercial negotiations and promotion.

We believe that the most important thing is to forge a strong bond. Personal support and assistance play an important role in that regard. We take care of all the commercial aspects, so the speaker only has to focus on preparing for his or her presentation and the appearance itself. That gives the speaker all the space and time necessary to do what he or she is good at.

Our activities include, among other things:
  • Personal support and coaching of speakers both in the commercial and personal field
  • Consultation and mediation for all requests
  • Financial negotiations with clients
  • Financial and administrative support
  • Billing
  • Schedule management
  • Promotion with (future) clients
  • Booking speakers for promotional and commercial activities
  • Website management
  • Training
Assemblee Speakers Bureau is the only Dutch speaker agency that is affiliated with the IASB. As a member of this organisation, we comply with their code of ethics. That means we can always guarantee quality in our role as intermediary between speaker and client.

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