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Speaking through Assemblee - success by working together

The ability to speak well is an art. We make sure we've seen and heard a particular speaker before including him/her in our recommendations to clients. We think a happy collaboration is vital. We promise the client good behaviour and attitude, but in the final analysis it's the speaker who steps onto the podium. Conversely, the speaker can rely on us. We take care of making the arrangements, and of providing accurate information about the meeting.

Endless possibilities

Assemblee Speakers Bureau's extensive network ensures you get national and international speakers for inspiring lectures. We also supply chairmen, interviewers, presenters, form and discussion leaders, panel members, debaters and columnists. We can split them up into various categories:

•    Communications
•    Culture and history
•    Sustainability, climate and the environment
•    Entertainment
•    Journalism & writing
•    Entrepreneurialism
•    Politics and public policy
•    Sport, health & fitness
•    Science


At Assemblee Speakers Bureau, we make sure we're up-to-speed on current affairs. We know what's going on in the world - and which speakers have something interesting to say. But it's not just what you say - it's the way you say it. With sincerity, passion and inspiration. That's what makes a speaker great!

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