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For advice without obligation, please get in touch with us. Also if you cannot find the answer you want directly. We're pleased to help you.

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Assemblee Speakers Mediation

Tailor-made work with a view to extra value

You're setting about arranging a meeting. You have a goal; you have a target group and you have a topic. Three essential starting-points, which we take into account in giving advice. Because we want to get the speaker who's exactly right for your assignment, and with whom you can be assured of a successful event, tailor-made work brings added value. 

Your preference

Maybe you have your own preferred speaker. We'll be pleased to advise whether he or she is really just right for the topic of your special event. With our extensive network Assemblee Speakers Bureau is able to get any desired speaker on the most favourable terms. Quality and content are top priorities for us.

Our proposal

On the basis of your wishes, topic and budget, we'll put forward several suggestions that will give your congress, symposium, seminar, lunch or dinner meeting that extra cachet. Needless to say, we'll also keep the purpose of the meeting and the audience's background firmly in mind. We give our advice on a suitable speaker on the strength of our experience. Our website shows just a portion of our pool of speakers. It gives you an idea of the options available.

Code of Ethics

Assemblee Speakers Bureau is the only Dutch speaker agency that is affiliated to IASB. As a member, we apply their Code of Ethics. As such, we can always guarantee the quality of our mediation between client and speaker

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