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Max Tropp
The judo management strategy - Max Tropp

Many find both the OBJECTIVE and the ROAD leading to it important. According to Max Tropp, strategic business consultant and black belt judoka, the ROAD is the actual OBJECTIVE

JUDO: “Judo depends for success upon the skill of using an opponent's own weight and strength against him, thus enabling a weak or light individual to overcome a physically superior opponent" (Columbia Encyclopedia).

The judo management strategy developed by Max Tropp contains several layers and is easy to learn if its three principles are applied: movement, balance, leverage. Each and every one of these is a piece of the puzzle called judo management. With movement you cause your business competitor to lose his balance (his initial advantages) while keeping yours and leverage your and his assets no matter how big and strong the competitor.

Max's workshops, consultancy and performances in front of large audiences (conventions, company events, etc.) are always based on the audience and their field of interest combining the professional issues with numerous examples from the world of sports in general and that of judo in particular. Max starts by defining the basic rules/principles for the activity which are: Humor, honesty and objective orientation. Max sees to it that the attendees do not HEAR about the main issues but EXPERIENCE them.

Read article about applying the judo management strategy within business projects.

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