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Code of Ethics

Assemblee Speakers Bureau is the only Dutch speakers bureau that is affiliated to IASB. This worldwide trade association is your gaurantee of professionalism and high standards. A speaker bureau is required to comply with its Code of Ethics in order to qualify as a member.

Article 1. The IASB member shall honor all agreements.
Article 2. The IASB member shall accurately and appropriately represent their relationship with speakers.
Article 3. The IASB member shall communicate effectively and truthfully with customers, speakers and other                         speakers bureaus.
Article 4. The IASB member shall represent a person (speaker) in accordance with their wishes, the wishes of their               designated representative or as mutually agreed via contract.
Article 5. The IASB member shall not use names of people or entities in a way that might mislead or be misleading.

The maintenance of the marketplace's confidence and the professionalism, honesty, ability and integrity of the lecture bureau industry is primary to the success of the International Association of Speakers Bureaus. Speakers bureaus in general, the lecture industry, the IASB and its members have adopted as a condition of membership this code of ethics that each member subscribes to as a condition of membership and renews the subscription at each membership renewal.

Violations of this code shall be determined in accordance to the by-laws, policies and procedures of the International Association of Speakers Bureaus. Disciplinary action shall be instituted by the IASB in accordance with the by-laws, rules and regulations established by the association. Any such disciplinary action shall be final and binding upon the IASB member or members and without recourse to the Association, its Officers, members or staff.

This recognized, the Board and members of the International Association of Speakers Bureaus will from time to time reconsider and revise this code and the processes around it. Changes will be made in accordance with the processes and procedures set out by these by-laws.

In consideration of the International Association of Speakers Bureaus review of my application I hold harmless and indemnify and release IASB, its Officers, Directors, employees, agents and others acting on behalf of IASB from any and all liability arising out of the acceptance or rejection of this application and the suspension or termination of membership for any reason.

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