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Rotmans Jan

Prof. Jan Rotmans

Speaker of the year 2012 and 2014: Visionair, inspiring scientist who wants to change the whole world in a sustainable world.
Category/ categories:
Business & Management, Economics & Finance, Innovation, Trends & Creativity, Leadership & Motivational speakers, People & Society, Politics & Public policy, Sustainability & Climate change
Discussion leader, Interviewer, Lecture, Panel discussion , Workshop


Jan Rotmans is an internationally renowned sustainability and transition scientist who is working for more than 25 years with durability and transitions. He not only examines the WHAT (sustainability), but also the HOW (transitions), the way to a sustainable society.

He is a pioneer and visionair in his field, has an international reputation. Jan Rotmans was once the youngest professor in the Netherlands and the first in the Netherlands graduated on climate change. For 2 years he worked at the United Nations in New York, to research the evaluation of global sustainability policy. Has subsequently set up two interdisciplinary research institutes, ICIS Maastricht and Rotterdam DRIFT. As the former director of the National Research Network KSI, he put the transition theory  on the map in the Netherlands and in Europe.


Jan Rotmans has been awarded "Speaker of the Year" twice. Once in 2012 and once in 2014. This honorary title he received thanks to the extremely positive feedback from the clients. His story gets people moving. He inspires companies to make the right choices and transitions in periods of rapid change.

Jan Rotmans talks include the following topics:

renewable energy
sustainable mobility
sustainable area
Sustainable Built Environment

Jan Rotmans wants to speed up the transition processes in Energy, Healthcare, Finance, Education, Social Domein, Government and Industry.




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